The Director’s message

« 20% of births are pathological for many different reasons (delayed pregnancies, socio-economic factors hindering entrance into the healthcare system, absence of information, limited medical follow-up…).

The situation continues to deteriorate, too often with lifelong consequences. The Foundation PremUp was set up in response to this alarming observation. In February 2012, the French Court of Audit called attention to the necessity to implement an effective policy of perinatal care.

The members of our network of scientific cooperation are already actively involved : researchers, medical doctors, midwives, pediatric nurses, psychologists, professors – all recognize the value of working together towards a common goal ».

Health of pregnant women and newborns

In 2014, 20% of pregnancies are pathological, i.e. risking the health of the mother and/or the child. The principal causes are prematurity and retarded growth. One handicap out of two of a child at birth is due to these pathological pregnancies. Prevention is possible by acquiring scientific knowledge through research, the training of professionals in the field of perinatality and better information provided to women.

Today, scientists know that these pathological pregnancies are also at the origin of numerous other illnesses that develop during adulthood: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardio-vascular diseases, etc.

More than ever, it is urgent to increase the awareness of the importance of medical accompaniment and follow-up during pregnancy, and of the development of research in this field.

A network of patient care...

12 maternity hospitals (Level III) and neonatal services make up the Patient Care Pole of the Foundation PremUp. This ensemble takes care of more than 20 000 births a year and is composed of more than 3 000 healthcare professionals specializing in neonatology and neonatal intensive care.

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... And research

14 research laboratories make up the Research Pole of the Foundation PremUp that presently includes more than 200 researchers in the field of perinatality.

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The governance and organization of PremUp

The Board of Directors validate the strategy, the policy of development and manage the Foundation. It is composed of 18 members.

The Steering Committee is in charge of the scientific animation of the Foundation. It is responsible for making proposals to the Board of Directors, notably through the intermediary of an Executive Committee created by the Steering Committee. The International Scientific Advisory Board is consulted on the major orientations of the Foundation. It is composed of 10 French and foreign scientists outside of the Foundation with well-known expertise in perinatality.

The founders of PremUp

A novel group of key actors in public health decided to unite the scientific and medical resources and competencies necessary to fill in the gaps in knowledge in the domain of perinatality. The AP-HP, Inserm, IRD (Institute for Research for Development), CHIC (Intercommunal Hospital Center of Creteil), as well as major universities of the Paris region, i.e. Paris-Descartes, Paris-Diderot, Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC) and Paris-Sud, are the founders of this innovative structure. Its aim is to foster improved cooperation among the various specialties in clinical and basic research in perinatality.