Become a partner: Why invest?

More than half of deficiencies and handicaps of infants are due to pathological pregnancies. In 2014, 20% of pregnancies are estimated to be pathological, risking the health of the mother and/or the child, The principal causes are prematurity and intra-uterine growth retardation. This is an important public health problem with a significant economic cost to society.

Some corporate partners are already leading figures in helping to finance the actions of the Foundation PremUp and to support research, notably through the Grand Research Project on Intra-Uterine Growth Retardation.

By supporting the Foundation, your enterprise shows that it :

  • shares our values in protecting the health of pregnant women and newborns
  • supports our activities in raising public awareness
  • contributes to scientific projects that have been nationally and internationally evaluated
  • establishes its position as an active and sociallly responsible citizen