The March for the Babies : small steps for a big project !

Launched in 2010 by the Foundation PremUp to finance its research programs in perinatality, the March for the Babies has successfully accomplished three objectives : it has united in one community the healthcare professionals and the families ; it has raised public awareness of perinatal pathologies, particularly thanks to increased media coverage ; it has made a significant financial contribution to new projects in perinatality, most notably, the Grand Research Project on Intra-Uterine Growth Retardation which affects 80 000 births every year.

A national week to inform the public and to raise funds for the health of pregnant women and newborns

In 2013, the Foundation PremUp initiated the First National Week for the Health of Pregnant Women and Newborns, from October 14 to 20. This campaign was kicked-off by the March for the Babies, a fund-raising event unique in France that improved communication with the public, especially women, and reinforced support for research in perinatality.