14 research laboratories make up the Research Pole of the Foundation PremUp that presently includes more than 200 researchers in the field of perinatality.

Inserm Unit 1141,
Paris-Diderot University. “Neuroprotection of the Brain during development”.

Director: Pierre Gressens

Inserm Unit 1139,
Paris-Descartes University. “Pathophysiology and Pharmacotoxicology of the Human Placenta”.

Director: Thierry Fournier

Inserm Unit 1153,
Paris-Descartes University, Team PPOE: “Perinatal and Pediatric Obstetrical Epidemiology”.

Team leader: Pierre-Yves Ancel

Inserm Unit 1018,
Paris-Sud University, Team 10 : « Epidemiology and Health of Populations”.

Team leader : Marie Aline Charles

Inserm Unit 1142,
Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) et Paris-Nord Universities. «Laboratory of medical information technology and engineering of knowledge in eHealth (LIMICS)».

Director : Marie-Christine Jaulent

Inserm Unit 1123,
Paris-Diderot University. « Clinical epidemiology and economic evaluation of vulnerable populations”.

Director : Corinne Alberti

Inserm Unit 693,
Paris-Sud University. « Steroid Receptors and Endocrine and Metabolic Pathophysiology ».

Director: Marc Lombès

Inserm Unit 872,
Pierre and Marie Curie University (UMPC). Team : « Nutrition and obesity » - Cordeliers Research Center.

Team leader : Karine Clément

Centre of Clinical Investigation (CIC1426),
Paris-Diderot University. CIC Robert Debré.

Director : Evelyne Jacqz-Aigrain

CNRS UMR 8122,
Gustave Roussy Institute (IGR). « Endogenous retrovirus and retroïd elements of advanced eukaryotes ».

Director : Thierry Heidmann

INRA UMR 1198.
Team: « Biology of Development and Reproduction ».

Team leader : Pascale Chavatte-Palmer

Inserm Unit 938,
Pierre and Marie Curie University (UMPC).

Team: « Development, growth, differentiation and tumors » - St Antoine Research Center.
Team leaders : Yves Le Bouc and Irene Netchine

IRD UMR 216,
Paris-Descartes University. « Mother and child facing tropical infections ».

Director: Philippe Deloron

CNRS UMR 5141 - Telecom Paris Tech. Team: « ¨Processing and Interpretation of Images ».
Team leader : Isabelle Bloch